All your services, No-code.

Build your business apps and automate your tasks without coding.


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How to make an app?

The platform helps you to create and test business apps in real time
Build faster
Build customer interfaces and internal tools in hours without IT-skills
Work smarter
Robotization of low value-added tasks
Optimise with AI
The system helps you optimising your processes for excellent results


Process Library
Use our processes to build your apps with simple steps
Workflow Modelling
You can create fully customizable workflows
Customer Interfaces
Model your customer oriented journeys and interfaces
Documents Generator
Generate your documents with customisable styles.
Dashboards Generator
Create your custom monitoring dashboards.

Use cases

Powerful & secure out of the box functionalities.

Municipal services
Tasks automation
IoT integration tools

Team Players

Our team player alway finds effective ways to improve the product and process


  • The need for speed: 10x faster Time To Market  
  • Agility: Integrate new features within minutes.
  • No need for technical IT skills.

We provide a solution, that allows building of business applications without coding: 

  • Modelling customer-oriented journeys and interfaces.
  • Modelling, configuration and execution of complex business processes.
  • Automation of workflows.
  • Robotisation of low value-added tasks.
  • Documents generation and classification.
  • Dashboard generation and data structuring.
  • Save time and increase your productivity. 
  • Reduce costs.
  • Makes complex processes more efficient. 
  • Minimise human errors.

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